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Innovations ensure technological progress, economic success and stability. Patent attorneys do important work to increase innovation dynamics in Europe by working at the interface between technology and law to obtain intellectual property rights. They can provide comprehensive advice and representation on inventions, innovations, brands, designs and know-how and thus ensure the success of a company with innovations, designs or brands. In order to work as a patent attorney, you must have completed a technical or scientific degree and be admitted to the office of patent attorney. Admission is effective after postgraduate legal studies and training as a patent attorney upon delivery of an admission certificate issued by the German Patent and Trademark Office or, since 2009, by the Chamber of Patent Attorneys. It entitles you to work under the title "Patent Attorney".

Stefan Rieke


Patent attorney

European Patent and Trademark Attorneys
Schonenfahrerstr. 7
D-18057 Rostock

Telefon:  (+49) 381 / 865 12890
Fax:        (+49) 381 / 865 12899
E-mail:    stefan.rieke@uni-rostock.de