M.Sc. Robert Wichmann

externer Doktorand


Research project

Supporting Early Concept Assessment in Evolutionary Engineering Design

Research interests

  • Systems engineering
  • Engineering change processes  
  • Design methods for conceptual design­
  • Concept modelling and assessment 




  • Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award (Swinburne 2017)
  • Best Paper Award (Design Conference 2018)


  • Wichmann R., Eisenbart B., Gericke K.: The Direction of Industry: A Literature Review on Industry 4.0, Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Engineering Design, Delft, 2019
  • Wichmann R., Gericke K., Eisenbart B. Moser H.: A method for function integrity diagnosis and documentation: FIDD, in Proceedings of the International Design Conference - DESIGN 2018, Dubrovnik, 2018